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uMobility Lets You Answer Your Office Phone from Your Cell Phone – Anytime, Anywhere!

Today, practically everyone is using their cell phone at the office and at home - despite the drawbacks of dealing with the weak cellular signal often experienced inside a building.

Varaha’s solution, uMobility, works with today’s most popular business telephone systems to let you make/receive office phone calls directly from your cell phone, while seamlessly roaming between enterprise and cellular networks.

Enjoy the convenience of making and receiving office calls anytime, anywhere: at home, at the airport or at the coffee shop !

  • User Benefits
  • Enterprise Benefits
  • Service Providers Benefits
Never miss a call when you step away from your desk
Replaces the weak and unreliable cellular signal experienced inside a building with the stronger and more reliable in-building Wi-Fi signal so you’ll enjoy solid cell phone coverage in the office or home
Maintain an “in office” appearance when you are out of the office with complete privacy
Reduces cell phone plan expenses
Captures all cell phone calls on office telephone system logs
Eliminates “phone tag” and increases employee productivity
Lets you win the "Battle for the Building" by letting your subscribers use their cell phone at the office or home while keeping all talk minutes on your network
Better speed and coverage enables enhanced content delivery and there by increasing customer loyalty and ARPU while reducing churn
Eliminates the expense of either premise-based VOIP hardware such as ATAs and/or IP phones or additional base stations
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